Graduation Season in Manchay

Graduation season is upon us, including for our friends in Manchay, Peru! This month, we proudly celebrate the achievements of two remarkable classes: our Communities for Life baking class and the melamine/cabinetry class.

Pastry/Baking Class

Graduates: 15

Highlights: Fifteen graduates completed the baking course at the Life Resource Center this spring. This was our largest baking course yet—so much so that we had to split the students into two groups to fit into the kitchen. Throughout their term, the students created an array of delicious goodies, including cookies, buns, and various cakes. The students are prepared to enter the local culinary industry after studying and practicing baking and pastry-making techniques in our kitchens. 

Melamine/Cabinetry Class 

Graduates: 19

Highlights: Nineteen students graduated from the melamine/cabinetry course, one of the four construction courses offered at the Life Resource Center. The graduates built cabinets of all shapes and sizes, showcasing their craftsmanship and creativity. Now equipped with essential carpentry and cabinetry skills, these students can obtain local employment opportunities in Manchay.

Community Impact

Communities for Life offers numerous sustainable community initiatives. With their newly acquired skills, these students can find work in their local communities, ensuring they can sustain themselves and their families. We are immensely proud of all our graduates and look forward to seeing the positive impact they will make in their communities. Congratulations to all!

Happy Canada Day!

From all of us at Communities for Life, Happy Canada Day! We hope you have a fun and safe weekend celebrating our nation's birthday. 🇨🇦