Our Four Foundational Pillars

Life Resource Center

Serving as a community hub where individuals are trained and empowered towards developing a sustainable community in these areas:
• Training of families and individuals
• A cornerstone of the community
• Provide training programs
• Educational programs
• Youth and seniors activities
• Dance, sports, and cultural development programs
• Spiritual development

Economic Development

Working with the community of Manchay to improve the economic, political, and social well-being of its people through:
• Vocational training
• Micro-lending, job creation, project opportunity, and local market development
• Resourcing entrepreneurship opportunities
• Generate greater individual and national self-esteem

Urban Design

Shaping the physical features of the community and planning for the provision of municipal services to residents and visitors:
• Essential services
• Titled lots
• Access to education, health, etc.
• Relevant community planning
• Enhancing culture
• Influencing economic success, sustainability, and an eco-friendly community

Affordable Housing

Working with the community to find affordable housing solutions for the purpose of sheltering people:
• Affordable, functional, safe, basic design for homes
• Environmentally-friendly design features
• Local resources and materials
• Local tradesman and sweat equity
• Low-interest financing
• Promote private ownership