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Sustainable Community Project

The present developmental focus is Manchay, Peru. This community, having been known as The Valley of Death, is located on the outskirts of Lima and consists of approximately 190,000 people; 40% live in poverty and 11% in extreme poverty. It never rains in Manchay. The needs are very pressing. The region's governor has stated there are 50,000 young people without education and hope and no programs to help them. Communities for Life plans developmental and operational strategies based on four foundational principles in collaboration with key advisors from South and North America. Utilizing in-country experience and knowledge to create transformation and self-sustainability is consistent with our philosophy.

The Life Resource Center, the facility at the heart of the community, and partnerships build into our key pillars. Individuals are trained and equipped at the Life Resource Center to facilitate and contribute to developing a sustainable community in the area of the other three pillars. Communities for Life will partner with other organizations and entities who serve as specialists in developing each pillar. As partnerships grow, they will help develop each of the pillars.

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