Bakery Class Graduation

We could not be more proud of the most recent class of graduates from the Life Resource Center in Manchay, Peru. Students from the bakery class recently celebrated their accomplishments with friends and family. They even baked all of their favourite treats for everyone to enjoy and to showcase all that they learned over the last few months. This is certainly a group and a table worth celebrating!

Do you wonder what happens after graduation? The purpose of all of our programs (link) is to promote self-sustainability so that students can take what they learn and provide for their families. We are so encouraged to share some stories of bakery class graduates. Maria (pictured below) is selling one of her pies for approximately $11.00 CDN! Julia, one of our newest graduates, already has plans to open her own cake shop! 

Building Supplies Have Arrived

Thanks to your generosity and with the money we raised from our annual golf tournament, we were able to begin construction on the third floor of the Life Resource Center. Building Supplies have already arrived and construction has begun! We will be able to provide even more classes to locals with this new addition to our building. 

Gardening Harvest

Our gardening class is experiencing and celebrating an already bountiful and beautiful harvest! We are so encouraged by the lives being transformed through this program. Entire families join in learning, planting, and harvesting each week.

You can learn more about our programs or join us in supporting the ongoing programs and construction by visiting our website.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is on November 39th, 2021! Keep your eyes on our website and social media in the coming days to find out how you can help support sustainable development in Manchay. Visit to learn more about this worldwide initiative.