Whipping Up Treats at the Pastry Bakery

One of the newest additions to our community class schedule is our Pastry Bakery. In this class, locals learn about the history of baking, baking tricks and techniques, and get a chance to practice baking new sweets. Not only are the classes a time of learning, but they are a social activity that brings together those in the community.

Some of the recent creations from the Pastry Bakery are favourites like lemon meringue pie, donuts, and apple pie! Attendees also get to share and try out recipes of local Peruvian treats with one another.

The Communities for Life classes teach Manchay locals skills to help diversify their income and family provision options. Classes like the Pastry Bakery class help give these individuals an advantage in the marketplace.

If you would like to support our classes and the individuals in Manchay, please visit communitiesforlife.com/donate

Happy baking!