The Communities for Life Network: TeamUp

Communities for Life partners with other non-profit organizations to help develop the long-term sustainability of Manchay, Peru. One of the organizations we partner with is TeamUp. TeamUp’s goal is to foster life-changing opportunities through sports. Their focus is to partner and come alongside local organizations to assist sustainable impact and long-term community development strategies.

We work with TeamUp to develop a strategy to use sports programs to positively impact the lives of those in Manchay, beginning with sports programs focused on soccer to create spaces for belonging and provide life-changing opportunities. TeamUp regularly sends elite sports teams and athletes to Manchay to assist in coaching, interact with kids and help run tournaments to enhance the current programs. The program initially started with 15 children, but today, we run two sports programs with more than 100 young athletes!

Our purpose with the soccer program is to provide structure and consistency on which the children can rely. We believe in enabling the children’s holistic development, so we also offer the young athletes personalized uniforms, education, sports opportunities, and nutrition training while also developing core values in the children.

Due to COVID-19 and travel limitations, we have not been able to host traveling sports teams in Manchay. We hope our soccer programs will begin again this year. Our goal is to continue adding more academies and promote girl’s and women’s soccer in Peru. You can help support the sports programs and soccer academies in Machay:

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