Communities for Life Model Home Project - Photo Story

With your generous donations from last year, we began a model home project initiative as the newest Communities for Life sustainable project in Manchay, Peru. Providing homes for individuals in this community is a very important part of creating long-term self-sustainability.

In 2023, we trained and equipped our trades students with the skills needed to build a basic shelter home in the squatter village of Manchay. The courses include electrical, drywall and steel framing, melamine and carpentry, and plumbing. 

The material budget for the four trades needed to build one home is $4,000 CDN. The four trade training courses helped the students develop the skills to construct a basic, low-cost home. Graduated and existing drywall students began to build our model home in May 2023.


Our goal was to supply the materials needed to build a home as part of the practicum of the trades courses. By June 2023, we had siding and a roof on the home.

The plumbing students added running water and sewage pipes to the house in the summer.

Next, the electrical class installed an electrical system throughout the home.

Our drywall class worked hard on finishing the inside of the home in August.

In September, the house had windows and doors installed. 

By October, the house received paint and will soon be ready to serve as a show home! Because of you, we are teaching and equipping young people with sustainable opportunities.

Thank you for your generous help with this project. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see more of our updates, and consider donating to support more skill development in Manchay.