Merry Christmas!

From all of us at Communities for Life, Merry Christmas! We wish you and your loved ones a very special holiday. Thank you for being part of our family and joining us to impact lives.

2022 Recap

2022 was an exciting and fruitful year at Communities for Life. Here are some of the highlights from the year:

• Three floors were added to the education wing of the Life Resource Center. This resulted in more classrooms for students up to sixth grade. Student registration filled up within a few hours!

• Four new trades courses launched: electrical, drywall and steel framing, melamine and carpentry, and plumbing.

• C4L subsidized teachers’ salaries during the pandemic, and all have emerged fully operational and self-sustainable.

• The gardening program had its largest turnout ever this fall after having to scale back during the pandemic. We have 43 students attending weekly classes.

• We completed two successful bakery courses this year, with nearly 20 graduates.

• C4L visited Peru twice this year after being away for two years due to covid.

• We are now in place to begin constructing homes for poor and needy families in Manchay.

Thank you for your generous support in providing sustainable futures for those in Peru.

Give a Gift This Christmas 

 In 2023, we are teaching and equipping local, unemployed young people with the skills needed to build a basic home in Manchay. Manchay is a squatter village where most individuals do not have adequate shelters to live in or land to call their own. Our goal is to supply the materials needed to build a home. The budget for one home is $3000 US. We need your help to provide these materials. Would you consider giving a special gift this Christmas to help us build a home for a needy family in Manchay?