New Communities for Life Programs

We are excited to announce two new programs starting at The Life Resource Center in Manchay: the Youth Development Program and an ESL program. We are thankful to our partners and supporters for making these programs available to the people in Manchay.            

Youth Development Program

Dr. Ernie Klassen and his wife Marilyn have worked in Latin American countries, including Peru and Mexico, for over 25 years. The Klassens have committed to assisting Communities for Life in developing and implementing key self-sustainable projects in Manchay. We are very grateful for their help. 

This year, the Klassens are working with Communities for Life to develop a youth leadership development program. This program is a first step and a direct response to the Pachacamac governor’s challenge to do something for the 50,000 youth living in Manchay who don’t have an education or employment. Developing a self-sustainable strategy designed to transform the community youth is in progress. The initial strategy is to invite disoriented community youth to join an established functional youth leadership group and participate in a series of meaningful, thought-provoking meetings focusing on life purposes in discussion groups. The program provides vocational assessment opportunities, guidance counseling, and trauma support.

The Klassens will also assist in directing other established programs in Manchay, with a special focus on collaborating with local interested parties to support Communities for Life’s self-sustainable housing initiative.

ESL Program

Another exciting project we are happy to announce is a new ESL program at The Life Resource Center in Manchay. After learning more about C4L at last year’s golf tournament, a couple with decades of experience in online teaching approached us with an idea to host ESL courses in Manchay. With their help, we have officially launched the ESL program! Students learn English from an experienced ESL instructor from Calgary twice weekly over a virtual platform. The ESL program is part of our initiative to provide self-sustainable opportunities for individuals in Manchay. Speaking English will give these people new opportunities for work and income.

To learn more about this initiative and other Communities for Life projects, visit our website.