Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Communities for Life! As we look ahead to new beginnings and opportunities, we couldn’t be more excited about what is in store for 2023!

We are happy to be continuing the gardening, baking, and soccer programs this year. With the four trade courses now offered at the Life Resource Center, we are training and equipping young adults with the skills to build a starter home. This year, we will supply the building materials and training for these students to build small homes for needy families in Manchay. Learn more about this initiative.

Lydia (left) and Delia (right)
Lydia (left) and Delia (right)

New Beginnings

Do you ever wonder what happens after students graduate from these programs? Meet Lydia and Delia. Delia has participated in our gardening and baking programs, and Lydia is a graduate of the Communities for Life bakery course. Both women were so inspired after graduating from the baking course that they decided to start their own baking businesses! Delia has even bought a fridge, stainless steel table, and a couple of mixers for her home. 

This year, would you consider partnering with us to help more people like Lydia and Delia to become self-sufficient and successful? Please donate today at communitiesforlife.com/donate.

We at Communities for Life wish you a happy and blessed 2023!