Expanding and Growing in 2024

At Communities for Life, we are constantly looking for ways to expand the sustainable skills of the local community in Manchay, Peru. In 2022, we launched four construction courses. Since then, those students have built their first house (read more on our website)! Additionally, construction graduates have been working diligently on rebuilding a home after it burned down last fall, and another group has nearly finished adding a fourth floor to the Life Resource Center building. Last year, we also added both a barbering and an ESL program.

The newest course is ceramic and porcelain tile. Graduates of this class will have transferable skills to work in various construction jobs in the area, as tile is a popular flooring option in this desert community.

2024 has been off to a great start! We’ve started the third barbering course, the sixth electrical class, and the seventh drywall elective. The interest in the baking course was so high that for the first time, we’re running two classes to accommodate all pupils.

We look forward to sharing many success stories with you this year!