Upcoming Golf Tournament

We are proud to present and host our first annual golf tournament in support of sustainable community development in South America. Join us for a great game of golf, delicious snacks, and good fellowship. 

The Texas Scramble tournament will be held on September 13th and lunch and dinner will be included. 

All tournament proceeds will be donated to our sustainable development projects in Manchay, Peru, and directed to our programs for gardening, soccer, baking, and housing development. We will share with you the work Communities for Life has done so far in Manchay and the exciting things that lay ahead for the community and its people.

There are still registration spots available for individual or group contenders as well as sponsorship opportunities. Secure your spot today!

New Courses Begin in Manchay

Every six months we start new classes for both our gardening and baking classes. Students from Manchay and the surrounding areas apply for these classes. Over the course of five to six months, students learn techniques and skills to prepare them for a sustainable future where they can grow, harvest, create, and sell products to bring financial stability to their families and households. We also teach our students ethics and values as they take our courses.

The soil is ready for our new students!

To learn more about the Communities for Life programs, have a look at communitiesforlife.com/our-work.