Visitors to Manchay

Communities for Life partners Ernie and Marilyn Klassen recently traveled to Manchay with a small group who support our work in the region. The group, who saw firsthand what Communities for Life is doing in Manchay, included a family from Edmonton, a pastor from Lima, an executive director of PROSANAR, a local Alliance church leader, and a Peruvian couple deeply committed to supporting Communities for Life.

One of the group members shared his experience with us:

I had the opportunity to experience the incredible city of Manchay and learn about the vital work being done by Communities for Life in this community. Our visit, guided by Ernie, allowed us to meet people with so many needs and yet full of hope and smiles on their faces. One of the highlights was meeting Julio and Rocio, who run (the Life Resource Center) which is making a difference in the community. Their dedication and passion are truly inspiring. Additionally, we had the privilege of meeting Cecilia, a woman who has benefited firsthand from Julio’s work and has created a sustainable livelihood for herself. Her story was incredibly moving and a testament to the powerful impact of Communities for Life.

We are so grateful to have supporters like yourself who make this organization possible. If you want to read more about our programs or how to visit Manchay, please visit our website.

We’re Growing!

These women are graduates of the baking course offered at the Life Resource Center in Manchay. They enjoyed the class so much that they signed up for an advanced and intermediate baking course! Here they are pictured with Communities for Life founders Jack and Alvina Neufled, Communities for Life partners Ernie and Marilyn Klassen, and the Life Resource Center directors Julio and Rocio. We are excited to share some of their creations and treats with you in the upcoming months. 

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