Economic Development

Micro Financing

Communities for Life has provided Micro Fund loans designed to help graduates get established in a small income earning program on numerous occasions . Rocio manages the Micro account, I don’t know the amount of funds we presently have in the micro loan account. In our meetings with Julio and Rocio in December, we learned that there are several independent established micro loan programs operating in Manchay. Some of them will offer funding for a housing program. We discussed approaching them and find of if there is a potential opportunity to net work with these groups in order to provide opportunity for our graduates.

Sewing Incubator

Communities for Life works with one of the graduates from the previous sewing program, who currently operate their own business and operate 5 - 6 sewing machines. Communities for Life has encouraged individuals to apprentice in his shop and a number of students have learned the trade. Communities for Life provides them with sewing projects that are by North American companies, wanting to support ethical and sustainable business, while growing their businesses.