Fog Catcher Update: Sustainable Water Project in Manchay

Last GivingTuesday, we invited you to make a meaningful impact by supporting our latest sustainable initiative in Manchay, Peru: our groundbreaking fog catchers transforming fog into essential drinking water for the community.

The Journey So Far: Over the last few months, we’ve raised funds to bring fog catcher technology to Manchay. Thanks to your incredible support, we have successfully installed these innovative systems.

Why Manchay? Manchay, Peru, is an arid region with approximately 190,000 residents, where 40% live in poverty and 11% in extreme poverty. Access to water is a critical challenge as it rarely rains in this area. Our efforts in Manchay have empowered many families, providing them with the skills and foundation for self-reliance. However, the journey is far from over. Easy access to clean water remains a pressing need.

The Solution: Fog Harvesting. Large mesh nets, known as fog catchers, trap tiny water droplets from passing fog. These droplets drip into a collection trough and are stored in tanks for distribution.

We aim to set up 10 fog catchers across the valley. A local engineer oversees our one-year pilot project to create a sustainable system that residents operate. This system will provide domestic water and support community gardens at higher elevations.

Together, we can make a difference. Thank you for your continued support and generosity. Let's turn fog into hope and create lasting change in Manchay, Peru.