Life Resource Center - The Story of Manchay

Several key programs have been planned and developed over the past years in Manchay Peru. These were designed to be self sustainable and flow out of the Life Resource Center. Future goals include the development and expansion of programs, both in Manchay and other locations.

The Facility

Communities for Life designed plans, a concept video, and funded part of the construction costs. Due to title difficulties, an agreement was made, where Communities for Life decided not to take ownership of the facility. Alternatively, an arrangement was made with locals to be self sustainable and to have a dual use of the facility, making it home base for Communities for Life until a second center could be built at another location.


Once the building became functional Communities for Life encouraged the local team to start a school for children. The school is now well established in this facility is self sustainable .


While Communities for Life has a designated area in the building, they currently offer an operational self sustainable sewing program at a different location. This program can be expanded to operate in the Life Resource Center to equip sewing classes for 12 students. The expansion would cost approximately $30,000.00 in program and equipment rental funding for a professional program.

Business Training

The third floor has been funded and is being developed to offer business and basic trade training. This program is self sustainable with limited funding.

Outreach Ministry

Communities for Life facilitated the use of donated Jesus film equipment and partnered with a local team from the Church to reach out into various parts of Manchay. The efforts planted at least one small church and started a soccer program.

Leadership Program

At its onset, Communities for Life sponsored a partnership with a ministry from South Carolina and funded a Leadership Program for local Pastors for one year in the Life Center. The program became self sustainable and continued with about 12 pastors was funded by others from the USA.


Partnership discussions are underway with multiple organizations to expand the reach and impact of both the youth and church planting.